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Having an in-house attorney is not something smaller companies and start-ups can generally afford. In early stages, much of the company’s revenue is spent on product development, sales and marketing, and other essential operational expenses. The role of reviewing legal contracts, handling employment and HR matters, and drafting policies is frequently handled by CFOs, or other members of the C-Suite. You do not need to do these alone. 

Hammer Law is able to serve as outside general counsel and can support other members of the team. We will learn your business and meet your people in order to discover your pain points, needs, and budget. Based on these conversations, we will figure out the areas you can allocate legal contracts and employment matters to our firm. 

We can design a package that is suited to your business where you pay a decided monthly amount for specified legal services. You will not worry about the billable hour and we will be there when needed and can also help you develop a strategic legal plan where your “to-do” list is accomplished each month for a designated amount.

As a small business owner herself, Holly understands that every dollar counts and budgetary certainty can help with managing operations. While some clients prefer the “as needed/hourly” approach, others prefer the certainty that the outside general counsel approach can provide. 

In addition to employment law based on your specific needs, Hammer Law will be able to assist you in a variety of areas: 

  • Customer contract review and negotiation 
  • Procurement contract review and negotiation 
  • Due diligence in the M&A context 
  • Employment contracts, policies, and procedures 
  • Statements of work 
  • Dispute resolution and payment demands

If you are interested in learning more about how we can serve as your outside general counsel, please contact Hammer Law for additional information. 

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