Employment Legal Services for Businesses

Employment Contracts & Compliance

When starting and growing a business, it is important to ensure you have a strong foundation. When you begin to hire, an essential member of your business team should be an employment attorney.  

We are here to make sure you have what you need to comply with employment laws and protect your important intellectual property, confidential information, and customer base. We can provide you with a job offer template, business protection agreement, and a basic employee handbook when you get to this stage. We are also here to help when things get complicated or workplace problems arise. 

We regularly assist clients with workplace policies and employment agreements, legal compliance and dispute resolution, and offer the following services, among others: 

  • Job offers and employment agreements
  • Confidentiality, IP, and Non-Compete agreements 
  • Employee Handbooks 
  • Onboarding and terminating employees 
  • Separation and severance agreements 
  • Reductions in force
  • Wage and hour complaints 
  • Discrimination and harassment complaints 
  • Claims filed with the EEOC, the Department of Labor, and the Wage and Hour Division
  • Coronavirus compliance and best practices for the workplace
  • FMLA and ADA compliance 
  • Due diligence in mergers and acquisitions 
  • Assistance with performance management and executive coaching 

If you have the need for an employment attorney or have a workplace emergency arise, we are here to help. Our goal is to have the businesses we work with succeed. At Hammer Law we combine our deep knowledge of employment law, previous litigation experience, and risk mitigation strategies to help. You have better things to do than spend revenue on legal fees related to employment law claims, and our goal is to help you avoid just that.

Workplace Investigations and Training

In addition to general employment law services, Hammer Law is frequently retained by outside counsel and the Board of Directors to conduct independent workplace investigations into complaints of:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Inappropriate workplace behavior by senior executives and members of the C-suite

The workplace investigations are conducted by Holly Hammer, who tactfully addresses sensitive issues. We can interview witnesses, review policies, and prepare investigative reports documenting our findings. Even when illegal workplace behavior may not be found, we can help your company identify areas where corrective measures are appropriate, as well as help you implement the appropriate policies and workplace training.  

EEOC Complaints

We do not believe the practice of law has to be adversarial. Our goal is to help you resolve your employment law disputes without resorting to court. We can provide you with best practices and recommendations to help make this possible. 

However, if and when you receive a workplace charge from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Labor, the Unemployment Commission, or the Wage and Hour Department, we are available to help. We assist in evaluating the complaint or charge, in preparing a response, and engaging in the conciliatory or mediation process before the matter proceeds to court. 

Terminations and Reductions in Force

We can assist you with terminations of one or many.  Our goal is to help make it as seamless and stress free as possible.

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Hammer Law PLLC is not a litigation firm.  We do not handle lawsuits, cases, or claims against employers.  If you are seeking legal assistance in this area, we will be unable to assist you.