Services for Nonprofits

Hammer Law has a true appreciation for the nonprofits that serve our community. To give back to those organizations, Hammer Law donates a portion of revenue each month to support nonprofits in the area. Our hope is as our firm grows, we will be able to support a larger number of organizations.

We also understand that nonprofits operate differently. Many cannot afford a dedicated human resources professional or in-house attorneys, and the CFO frequently fills that role. But you do not have to do it alone. Hammer Law is here to help.  

We regularly work with nonprofits and their Boards on the following: 

  • General contract review and negotiations 
  • General workplace policies
  • Inaccurate reports in the media
  • Terminations  and severance packages
  • Advice on conflicts of interest and reasonable compensation issues
  • Investigations into complaints or possible malfeasance by executive directors 
  • Reports for the board relative to internal matters and support in difficult employment situations

We are proud to support nonprofits and we are honored to serve as legal counsel to these organizations. If you would like to learn additional information or need assistance with an employment issue, please contact Hammer Law. 

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Hammer Law PLLC is not a litigation firm.  We do not handle lawsuits, cases, or claims against employers.  If you are seeking legal assistance in this area, we will be unable to assist you.