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The Differences Between Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

October 27, 2022
Types of Employee Stock Option Plans

With the new employment market of “soft quitting” and rapid turnover, both employers and employees are looking for reasons to take a job and keep it. One of the things…

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What to Look For When Signing an Employment Agreement

October 6, 2022
What to Look For When Signing an Employment Agreement

Recent changes in the workforce and workplace needs have led to increasing numbers of workers looking for new jobs and better compensation. Remote and hybrid worksites, competitive pay, and four-day…

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What does the Depp vs Heard trial tell employers about workplace investigations?

June 2, 2022
Workplace Investigation

Regardless of whether you are team Heard or team Depp, this legal decision is going to have wide reaching implications on workplace investigations. The jury awarded Depp $10 million in…

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How Does ARPA Affect My Employee Benefits?

May 12, 2021
employee benefits

The American Rescue Plan Act, or ARPA, was signed into law on March 11 and is one of the Biden Administration’s earliest actions. The Act contains provisions impacting health care…

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